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Dr. Mach LED 3 SMART MC - LED 3 MC

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The operation lamp LED 3 SC is extremely suitable as an operation lamp for dentists, veterinarians, outpatient clinics, private clinics
Article number: 350 530 3130

An operating lamp is distinguished by the light output, but mainly by the size of the lamp head. The larger the lamp head, the less shadow you have in the work area.

The LED 3 MC has a light output of 140,000 lux and an adjustable light field size of 17 - 28 cm.

Multi-Color means that the color temperature of the lamp is adjustable in 5 levels, from 3,750 - 4,750 Kelvin. With a color setting of 4,500 or 4,750 Kelvin you have the well-known bright white light field. When you set the color temperature below 4,500 Kelvin, the light color becomes warmer, so that the light reflects less on the surface than in the wound area so that you can better see the veins.

The adjustable light color can be achieved by bundling 4 colors, red, green, warm white and cold white. Because these colors are bundled in the LED, you will not have any distortion of light color when you come with your body in front of the lamp.

With a color rendering (Ra value) of 95%, you have a natural rendering that approximates the daylight color as closely as possible.

The LED 3 is available as a Single Color and Smart variant.

It is also possible to equip the LED 3 with an HD camera system which could help you with analysis or for educational and training purposes.

The different outpatient clinics in hospitals where this lamp is used are for example: Outpatient Operating Rooms (POK), Dermatology, Emergency care, Oral surgery, Ophthalmology, Plaster room, Gynecology and Obstetrics.

In hospitals and private clinics, the LED 3 can be easily combined with an LED 2, LED 5 or a device carrier / monitor carrier.

For a veterinarian, the LED 3 can be combined with a satellite lamp such as the LED 150 or an LED 2.

This lamp is available as a ceiling model, wall model and tripod model.

Superior color rendering

Due to the excellent daylight color of 95%, the surgeon recognizes even the smallest nuances in the wound area. This makes it pleasant to work and gives a natural contrast.

The color spectrum in the work area makes it pleasant to work.

Cut Multi-lens system

The lenses are cut using the computer, which guarantees complete equality between the lenses. Each LED is controlled separately and each has its own LED module so that they generate their own light field. A light intensity of 140,000 lux at a distance of 1 meter can be achieved without any problems

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