THINK BIG - The Vacuclave 550

THINK BIG - The Vacuclave 550

THINK BIG - The Vacuclave 550 


Expand your autoclave performance and thus your sterilization capabilities in your practice with the Vacuclave 550 from Melag: The 50 litres solution with a capacity of up to 25 kg or 16 trays proves that growth, sustainability and environmental protection are compatible!

With its eco-friendly technology, the Vacuclave 550 ensures an energy-efficient, and cost-saving sterilization of your instruments:

  • Recovery 

Uses the heat of the spent steam to generate new steam.

  • Coolify 

Combines highly efficient air cooling with smart temperature monitoring.

  • DRYtelligence

The intelligent algorithm optimally adapts the drying process to your load.

  • Power Safe

2️ becomes 1️ - Vacuclave 550 offers significantly more capacity with a 40 % smaller footprint compared to two small autoclaves. So you can sterilize the maximum number of instruments in record time with minimal space.

This makes Vacuclave 550 the cleanest solution - for the environment and your budget! 

You are curious about the world's largest small autoclave and would like to make your statement to greater sustainability? 

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